Teacher educator


My teacher training sessions focus on working with the age groups I teach. I work with English language specialists and pre-school or primary generalists. I particularly enjoy working with the latter. My sessions are very practical, with a focus on learning by doing. Recently I’ve given a lot more training sessions around using picture books and stories.

I’ve worked as a teacher trainer with a number of organizations.  Here are some of the projects with links where appropriate

NILE  – Norwich Institute for Language Education, UK

At NILE I’ve enjoyed working with pre-school and primary teachers from Italy, Spain, Turkey and Germany on resident in-service courses which last for 15 to 21 days. If you are interested in learning more about NILE here’s the link.

APPI – Associação Portuguesa de Professores de Inglês, Portugal

With APPI I have run courses for pre-school and primary generalist teachers, as well as language specialists. My most popular session is my 25-hour ‘Storytelling’ workshop. APPI runs a good number of courses and you can find out more about them here.

Escola Superior de Educação de Leiria, Portugal

At ESE Leiria I worked for three years on courses for pre-school and primary generalists from 1999 – 2001;  it was called CESE em ensino precoce and the teachers finished with a postgraduate diploma in foreign language teaching in Portuguese pre-schools and primary schools. It was an exciting time in Portugal when we were all convinced that English and French could be part of a classroom project and taught by the generalist teacher. Sadly things changed and, with new Ministry regulations and laws,  such projects were gradually dropped. The teachers I worked with were fantastic, motivated and full of ideas. It was a wonderful experience.

In 2001 ESE Leiria organized a conference to bring together primary and pre-school teachers who had taken CESE courses in Portugal.  Here’s the link to the publication which resulted from the conference.  Most contributions are in Portuguese, but some are in English. Educação & Comunicação – Ensino precoce de línguas estrangeiras.

I’ve also worked with:

  • British Council, Lisbon, Portugal
  • Escola Superior de Educação de Porto
  • Escola Superior de Educação de Beja
  • Oxford University Press, Portugal
  • Porto Editora, Portugal
  • Express Publishing, Portugal
  • Centro de Formação de Leiria e da Marinha Grande, Portugal
  • Centro de Formação de Gaia Sul, Portugal
  • Escola Superior de Educação de Torres Novas
  • Instituto Regional de Investigacion Educativa, Turin, Italy


I am honoured to have worked with several organizations as a consultant and on varied projects. 
Ministry of Education, Portugal
I was invited to write the guidelines for primary English teaching in years 3 & 4, these were published in 2005 and are available online here.
Later in 2006 I worked with Florêncio Moniz and Americo Dias devising and supervising 25-hour online in-service training sessions for primary English teachers in Portugal running from 2006 – 2008. The courses prepared teachers to work on the new ministry initiative to implement English in primary education from the age of 8 years old, which was launched in October 2005. 
Reports about these courses and the implementation of English in Portuguese first cycle education can be accessed here.