I work in pre-school and primary schools in Leiria and Batalha as a peripatetic English teacher. I teach English as a foreign language.


birdEnglish in pre-schools

My pre-school students range from 3 to 6 years old and are my very favourites.  We have lots of fun, learning words and expressions which we can use together to play games.  I’m really interested in setting up language corners, where the children can interact freely with English and learn from each other.  I only visit the schools twice a week for 30 mins, but I leave lots of materials in the children’s classrooms, (puppets, flashcards, games, picturebooks, music) which they play with when I am not there.  I don’t use a course book in pre-schools, instead I plan with the pre-school teacher, catering for the children’s present learning and interests.  I learn loads from working with pre-school teachers and if I was to be born again, I’d be one!

If you are interested in language corners you can find out more about them here.

Here’s an article I wrote for ETp based on activities I use with my pre-school children.

birdEnglish in Primary

My primary students are 6 to 10 years old, and are fun too! I visit these children twice a week for 45 mins, and unfortunately do not work in such close collaboration with their classroom teachers. We use a course book, this year it’s Hoola Hoop, and our classes are organized so that children become autonomous learners. They reflect on what they are learning and are encouraged to think about how and when they learn best. We also do lots of activities in pairs and groups and move around the classroom. My students take ‘stuff’ they’ve done in English home to share with their families and friends. They are encouraged to share what they’ve done in English as much as possible, it gives them an ‘I can!’ feeling which is one of the main objectives for learning English in primary.