English Language Teaching

Here are some professional I ams:

bird(I am a teacher who works with children from the ages of 3 – 10 years) I was … since my PhD I am now involved more in teacher education and research.

daisyI am a teacher educator.

fishI am a writer for educational publishers.

fishI am co-editor of a free access online journal, the CLELEjournal.

heartI am an active volunteer in language teacher associations in Portugal and the UK.

starI have recently completed my PhD in teacher education and language didactics, with the support of a research grant from FCT. I still consider myself a researcher, it’s a bug that never leaves you!

catI am really interested in using picturebooks in ELT, in understanding better how to teach and learn a language in the early years, in using stories in ELT, in assessment in ELT, and in materials design.

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