Edited books

Edited books


I’ve had the privilege of editing several collections of articles with colleagues or by myself, mostly because of my work in Teacher Associations

Early Years Second Language Education: International perspectives on theory and practice (Routledge, UK)

Drawing on a synthesis of theory and practice, this edited volume makes an innovative contribution to the field of language education for the young. Here is a link to the Routledge page.

APPInep Celebrating ten years of teaching children in Portugal   (APPI, Lisbon)

celebrating ten years

This collection contains write ups of presentations given over two years at APPI conferences.  It was published to celebrate ten years of APPInep activity in Portugal.




Current practices… a look at teaching English to children in Portugal – book of proceedings  (APPI, Lisbon)

appi and iatefl


This collection contains write ups  from the first YL conference in Portugal, organised by APPI and IATEFL, in 2001 at the Escola Superior de Educação in Lisbon.



Teachers and young learners – research in our classrooms (IATEFL, Canterbury)



This is a publication which contains write ups from an IATEFL YL SIG Pre-Conference event in 2005 of the same name.  It was published to celebrate  the YL SIG’s coming of age in 2006.

Here is a Link to IATEFL online shop, if you’d like to purchase a copy.