Resource Books

 Resource Books


RealbooksRealbooks in the primary classroomMary Glasgow Scholastic

This is a photocopiable resource book in the Junior English Teachers series by Mary Glasgow Scholastic.   It was thanks to the enthusiasm of Opal Dunn and Andy Cowle that the book was written; it was published in 2003. It provides activities to accompany nine picture books, all published by Scholastic:   As big as a pig; Pudding Face; Wait and See; Ketchup on your cornflakes; Wake up Charlie!; A Cheese and Tomato Spider; The time it took Tom; Princess Dress; Just like!
If you follow this link you can download a section of the book

Dias and MouraoInglês no 1.º ciclo – práticas partilhadas ASA Editores

This remains the only publication in Portuguese of this type and is a handbook for pre-school and primary teachers of English, in Portugal. It was written with Americo Dias and was published in 2005

big booksBig Books. Stories for first cycle. Three stories with cross-curricular themes – OUP

This is a resource book for the Spanish market, so the notes have been translated into Spanish.   It provides activities for three titles in the Oxford Reading Tree series:

The Puppet show, Poppy’s pot and Big books and little books.

Orientações Programáticos Ministério da Educação

Through my work with APPI I was asked to write the guidelines for teaching English in the last two years of primary education. I worked with the then APPInep committee, Cristina Bento, Raquel Coelho  and Niki Joseph.  The guidelines were translated into Portuguese and published when English became part of the Portuguese extra-curricular programme in September 2005 and are available to download through the Ministry of Education website.