I’ve worked on several courses where I’ve written the lyrics for the songs and chants.  What’s so exciting about writing lyrics is working with musicians and hearing the melodies they conjure up – hearing everything together is magical. I’ve worked with a Portuguese musician called Mario Nascimento, he’s special because he’s a music educator, and knows what kinds of sounds small children should be listening to and interacting with. 

One of the songs we worked on together for Best Buddies is called ‘When I’m happy’. It was written as part of a unit on emotions in level 3, (age 5 / 6 years old). The melody has an exotic sound to it, and is very unusual in course books for such age groups. Children love it: they quickly pick up the words and really enjoy dancing to the music Mario created.

Here are the lyrics:

When I’m happy

When I’m happy,
I jump
When I’m sad,
I cry
When I’m scared
I shake!
When I’m angry
I count to 10.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.
When I’m calm
I’m happy again.

  click on the player to listen as well.

With permission from Macmillan Mexico, who own the rights for this song, you can download it by going to the end of this page and clicking on the attachment link.

Mario Nascimento also worked on the Little Hoola course with me and he wrote some fantastic melodies for our songs and chants. My favourite there is ‘We’re going to school’, it’s a celebratory song, which prepares children for moving from pre-school into primary school and is part of the final unit on school objects. It’s a delight and loved by children and teachers who use the course. 


Here are the lyrics:

I'm going to school

I'm going to school
Hip Hip Hooray

My big school bag
My pencil and rubber
My scissors and glue
My English book

This is what I need
On a school day

 click on the player to listen as well.

 With permission from Porto Editora, who own the rights for this song, you can download it by clicking on the attachment link below.

whenimhappysong.mp31.43 MB
imgoingtoschool.mp31.96 MB