Resource Books



Realbooks in the primary classroomMary Glasgow Scholastic

This is a photocopiable resource book in the Junior English Teachers series by Mary Glasgow Scholastic.   It was thanks to the enthusiasm of Opal Dunn and Andy Cowle that the book was written; it was published in 2003. It provides activities to accompany nine picture books, all published by Scholastic:   As big as a pig; Pudding Face; Wait and See; Ketchup on your cornflakes; Wake up Charlie!; A Cheese and Tomato Spider; The time it took Tom; Princess Dress; Just like!
If you follow this link you can download a section of the book

Dias and Mourao

Inglês no 1.º ciclo – práticas partilhadas ASA Editores

This remains the only publication in Portuguese of this type and is a handbook for pre-school and primary teachers of English, in Portugal. It was written with Americo Dias and was published in 2005



big books

Big Books. Stories for first cycle. Three stories with cross-curricular themes – OUP

This is a resource book for the Spanish market, so the notes have been translated into Spanish.   It provides activities for three titles in the Oxford Reading Tree series:

The Puppet show, Poppy's pot and Big books and little books.


Orientações Programáticos Ministério da Educação

Through my work with APPI I was asked to write the guidelines for teaching English in the last two years of primary education. I worked with the then APPInep committee, Cristina Bento, Raquel Coelho  and Niki Joseph.  The guidelines were translated into Portuguese and published when English became part of the Portuguese extra-curricular programme in September 2005 and are available to download through the Ministry of Education website.